How I almost satisfied my craving for statistics

Drafted on  2021-03-17

How I almost satisfied my craving for statistics

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If you're thinking "Oh no, yet another blog post that will slowly unravel what could be said in 5 minutes", I got you covered: you can skip to the end to see the results.


First of all, I'm not a data scientist nor in a data related job. I'm your everyday statistics enjoyer and as so, I like getting useless information about everyday things like: a too precise number of my footsteps, how many strangers visited my LinkedIn profile or when the date and time matches a prime number.

Recently, I've been wondering about online chatting. When talking to friends for a long time, you kind of want to know who talks the most, what is the busiest hour or when was the longest break.

Fortunately, I mostly talk to my friends on Discord, which provides me with some useful query tools where I can specify some filters: from who, containing what, in which conversation, etc.

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Discord provides users with a powerful query system

While it's already superior to what can provide other platforms like Messenger, I felt the craving for more data. There should be a point where you have too much information to handle and you feel satisfied.

So I got to work.

Breakdown of the project

Intrested in the result and not the process? You can jump to the end if you're tired of reading.

Discord has a wonderful native integration for bots which comes with an easy-to-use API in several languages. I already had a wrapper on the Python API that I called miniscord. This project allows a head start to make bots by simplifying the syntax. It comes with tools to help you register commands and handling them easily.

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TODO: multithreading and API limiting


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